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Shaun, it looks like you and I are on our own with this for a while. I find the electrical schematic in the Haynes manual most helpful, but I have yet to find the drawing that shows where the connections are in the engine bay.

The cold start valve is wired to the thermo time switch by two wires, and they are on the same sub-harness that comes up from the backside of the alternator. you have a brown wire going to the warm-up regulator, a black with green-and-white wire going to the warm-up regulator and a single (solid black?) wire going to the thermo-time switch. At the thermo time switch (a brown round-pin connector) though, you have three wires, and these go to the CS valve.

My question for you is, where does the wiring to the safety switch originate (safety switch being the two-spade connector immediately behind the air flow sensor on the CIS body)? I know it comes from the fuel pump relay, in harness #21 (found that), but I can't find where the damn wire enters the engine bay.

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