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Question How to Clean or Maintain Throttle Valve Actuator on 1994 E420

Just wondering if there is a set procedure for either cleaning or maintaining the throttle body actuator in a 1994 E420. I would like to make sure I have done everything possible with it before plunking down big bucks to replace it. My car has had a combination of three problems which may be interrelated:

1. The car hesitates ever so slightly when pulling away from a stop. The problem is more pronounced when trying to back up a steep hill. The car actually creeps forward (downhill) until all of a sudden, the car accelerates, many times causing the tires to squeal.

2. The car stalls occasionally when hot and idling in heavy traffic.

3. The cruise control spontaneously disengages after 10-15 minutes of normal operation. Usually, I can just set it again, and it may work for another 15 minutes or so before quitting.

Benzmac suggested in a private message that all of these problems can be solved with a new throttle valve actuator, but I just want to make sure that there is nothing I can do to the old one before spending that kind of money. I recently swapped out the air mass sensor from an identical engine, which seems to have helped out the stalling and hesitation problems. I have not had a chance to try out the cruise control though.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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