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Manual boost control revisited -- and done well. (diesel specific)

Hey guys, sorry that I didn't post this earlier...

For anyone that interested manual boost control, this is an excellent set up. This series of two articles provides excellent information -- although it is Audi specific, the basic principles apply to any turbo setup. I think that many of you will find the information about "wastegate creep" to be of interest.

You do not need to utilize the exact same components specified in the articles. The equivalent components are readily available through Graingerís. I purchased a pressure regulator and a pressure relief valve about a month ago, but I've just been way too busy to install it yet.

There are easier/cheaper solutions. However as is often the case, you get what you pay for, or in many cases you can overpay for someone else's hack job -- Youíll notice that the Graingerís pressure relief valve is actually what is being used/modified by several El Cheapo vendors that sell kits online.

Have fun!

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