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300E Air

I know this is an old well covered topic so I apologise in advance, however, I need a second (or more) brain on this.

I paid to have the R12 conversion done this summer and when I got the car back I was very suprised at the results.

I had been expecting something of an improvement over the old slightly functioning system but this new system was REALLY cold. To the point where I had to move the vents away from the wheel as it was downright uncomfortable on my hands.

Also the auto really cooled the whole car down very quickly in fact it was much better that the air on my ML.

After a few weeks I had to put the car in to get some body/paintwork done at the front. This was not done by my usual garage for this car but by the body shop of the local MB dealer.

They had to drain and refill the air unit due to the work they were doing.

Since we got it back I would say that the air is no where near as cold as it had been, and after a number of discussions with them I am beginning to think I am mad and halucinating.

They say they replaced the same weight as they removed and that it has leak detector in it and no signs of any leaks are showing.

Am I that wrong ? or can a 300E really blow that cold ?.

p.s. my daughter feels the same way, and she drives it everyday so I am now at a loss whether to pursue it with the dealer or right it off and go back to my tech and get it brought down and refilled the way he did after the conversion.

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