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Unhappy 1991 190E 2.6 Starting Problems

I have about 150000 miles on this car and it is driving me nuts trying to fix the starting problem. When cold it would start up fine and die out. Even when warm, it would do the same thing if left alone for an hour or so. Fuel pumps, filters and accumulators have been replaced and they have cured other problems. EHA has been replaced. Got a performance camshaft from Bekkers and replaced the hydraulic compensators at the same time. Fuel injectors were dirty and they were cleaned. Cold start injector was tested and it sprayed fuel as per the test for a couple of seconds. TPS and idle control were replaced and so was cap, rotor, plugs. A lot of drivability problems were solved but the starting still eludes me. OVP was changed to a new one which did not cure the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? TIA
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