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Also, another thing I would like to point out, though it's purely a theory(and I still need more evidences to prove it, but...), look at the engine cover of both... The Black one has BLACK emblem and "Mercdes-Benz" letters, while the Green one has Silver Colored emblem/letters. Which(if my theory is right), the Green should be an early build 1993(which is delivered mid-late 1992) 500E, while the Black one should be "True" 1993(build/delivered in 1993).

And again, if my theory is correct(base on observations on W140s), Green MIGHT have the same HP/Torque rating as 1992, which is more powerful then the post-1992 models....


I don't see anything wrong?? The chrome plates on top of bumpers are there... or were you referring to the gaps between bumper and body panel?? BTW, it seems the front headlight wipers are out of align...

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