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I have similar issues with a slight fuel leakage at two of my injectors. Right now the two are only damp and not soaked. Also, the braided tube that runs from injector to injector is a fuel return line. I don't know injector theory and can't explain why, but some fuel doesn't get injected and has to have a return path. These return fuel hoses get old and are a known leakage problem.

The glow plug wires should be lower down on the head - on the order of three or four inches below the injectors. They have heavy wire attached to them and they just look like electrical terminals sticking out of the engine.

Can't help you with the turbo oil leak - haven't tackled that. I did have a loose breather hose that runs from the valve cover (just behind the oil fill cap) to the air filter housing. That made the car puff oil smoke from under the hood while idling at stoplights (embarrassing) and blew a little oil on the hood.

My hood pad is long gone. I have a new one to install when I have time to get down to car projects that are at that level of importance! Most of my projects are a bit more urgent...

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