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...there are probably quite a few individuals whom would love to drive/own an E500/500E but just a fraction of that actually willing & able to take that leap...the specialty car market is a bit limited and not volume my any means

the black e500 has been touched with the personality of the PO....definitely to fit that taste, so getting the car back kosher (as those whom have mod'd their cars & have tried to sell them know) will attract a larger audience and command a base fair $ market value

...if the black drives well, and provides a relatively clean PPI- I'd offer $24K (even though it has low miles and looks relatively clean) and have an additional $5-$6k of my own stashed to get it back to stock and into tip-top shape....I'd think that a target of about $30k-$35k total expenditure would be very reasonable

hope this helps
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