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Yes, I'd like to say thanks to Lightman as I needed this procedure today to remove the IM to access two troublesome bolts on my leaking fuel shutoff valve.

I'll add a couple of photos a minor contribution to this work. A total of 16 bolts are removed to enable removal of the IM. 14 are the bolts holding the IM, the other two are referenced in the photo below:

14 bolts removed here:

10mm bolt on right is accessed from above. 10mm bolt on left is accessed from below. Manifold is ready to be removed, it's that simple:

I'm going to refresh this o-ring. This is at connection between the pressurized air from the I/C to the EGR valve.

There's a lot of "spatter" from exhaust or oily vapors and one of these connections is leaking. It could be the EGR clamp that's leaking.
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