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What's a 'fair' price? 1996 E300 2 owner, 110K

I'm in the market for another car, and having a hard time finding a diesel at what I think is a fair price.

I've spotted a MY96, 2 owner car, that I'm going to look at this afternoon. He's asking 14K. I think it's high, but..... I'm wondering what other people think. I think the condition is good, I'll know this afternoon. NADA, Edmonds, and KBB certainly think the car is worth less.

Just wondering what your experiences are. I know you can't tell the value without the condition, but this price has so much fluff in it, I almost ought to just go get a gasser (that are a dime a dozen) and forget about a diesel.

Just looking for a real car, at a real price, nothing more.

Something tells me, that all I really need is to just spend more time looking.

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