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I am pretty sure it is a 722.4 although I haven't verified visually. According to the VMI printout, the tranny was replaced at 33k miles under warranty 2 years ago (NC indicated). I have my suspicions about whether or not it was adjusted correctly as I have never been happy with the way it behaved. The kickdown switch operation for one is a question mark. When I first got it it refused to kickdown at all. I took off the switch and checked it with an ohmeter and found it to be operational. When I replaced it and retested it started kicking down but it never upshifts beyond 4500 rpm so I wonder if that is working at all as that appears to be the wide open throttle upshift point. Aside from that, operation was smooth prior to the tranny service.
The torque shudder started immediately after the service approx 500 miles ago. BTW this is a very subtle shudder that maybe only I feel at certain speeds in the 3-4 upshift but I still want to fix it as this is my daily driver...
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