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Talked to the tech and we did clean the injectors and they don't drip. A year ago I attempted to replace the check valves and solve the problem. This time when the pumps were replaced, they came with check valves. The distributor float appears to be dry after running it for a bit. When I removed the old EHA and took out the adjustment bung I noticed fuel dripping. I reinstalled it without the bung and could see fuel dripping out when the car was running. Next I installed a new EHA without the bung and there was no fuel leak. Reinstalled the bung and still same problem. Some have attributed it to a fuel pressure regulator but I'm not sure. The FPR and the distributor are the only thing I have not replaced in the fuel system yet.

Benzmac, you mentioned an internal bullitin about this. Could you please cite the number or whatever they use to reference it so I could show it to the tech? Thanx a bunch.
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