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Brian K
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Another electrical problem. '01 C240. Anyone heard of this?

Darn, went almost 4 months without an electrical problem in my '01 C240/6.

Here's the newest one.

Turn the key, the car starts. But, all the interior electrical is dead (except the radio!). None of the dash lights up, the HVAC stays dead, the windows dead. But, the engine runs fine. The other odd thing: The electrical auxillary fan is going at full blast, even though the car is cold.

Turn the car off, restart, and everything is fine.

Its done it twice now.

Will call the dealer, but like a lot of electrical problems, its not predictable and is hard to duplicate. So, I am not hopeful.

Has anyone else heard of or had this problem?

(P.S. my car has already been given the "updated" keys).

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