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I get very little smoke from my '98 (all diesels smoke a little...if you don't believe me look in your rear view mirror at night with more than 1/2 throttle down). No unusual knocking either. The transmission in mine has been no trouble at all (knock wood) and it's homing in on 140K miles. I changed the fluid and filter after I bought it at 115K and it shifted smoother than it did before and has continued to operate flawlessly since.

The engine consumed 1/2 quart of oil in 8000 miles from its last change and the oil analysis was glowing with how little wear metals and other contaminants were present. Mine has started below 0F without even a single rev of hesitation without resorting to using the block heater. So I don't think the turbo engines are any problem at all. Like anything though you have to be lucky and buy one that's been reasonably well cared for.

When I first bought it I was getting mid-high 20s MPG but for the last year it has steadily been 30 or so on every tank and pure highway can see 34. Not another full sized sedan can touch that. I think I needed to blow the crap out of the exhaust to get the mileage up...the first time I got it above 4K RPM there was a HUGE black cloud behind me...thought I had done some serious I can redline it and it barely blows any smoke
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