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1977 240d A/C belt

The belt on the a/c compressor came off but did not break. Other belts are OK. The car is a 1977 240d.

When I went out to change it today, I cannot find a way to pivot the compressor or the idler pulley. The pulley only has one bolt and it would remove or loosen the pulley but not pivot it. The compressor appears to have many bolts in it but none that could be loosened to pivot it out of the way.

I am going to change both belts and can see the pivot point on the power steering pump.

Is there something I am missing on pivoting the compressor or idle pulley?

The factory MB manuals, Clymer, Chilton and other manuals did not help. The pictures were wrong or there were no instructions at all.


1977 240d
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