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Originally Posted by clint77002 View Post
I just wanted to make a comment about some things I was reading yesterday. I have a bad case of diesel lust (my wife does too...she's a GREAT woman, the finest God made) and want to replace our gasser Ford SporTrac with a diesel pickup. I was reading another forum for ford diesels, comparing the various models and issues surrounding them. I came away with a deep appreciation for the relative simplicity and robustness of mercedes engines. My 81 N/A is bone simple but even my wife's 87 is simple compared to the Ford engines (even the pre-94 non-powerstroke). Only the non-powerstroke comes close to simplicity but I'm not sure of the robustness and longevity. Anyway, I love my rusty O'l Nelly and the Scalded Dog even more and appreciate them more every mile.


I had 367K on my last Powerstroke before I sold it. Only problem I had was a Glow Plug Relay. Regular Rotella Oil Changes and Fuel Filter Changes, FW-16 in the coolant annually and that's all she really ever asked for.
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