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Smile $95 coolant evacuator; does it work?

I was at my favorite independent Mercedes shop the other day. The tech connected a fluid evacuator device to the filler neck of the expansion chamber on a car and within second sucked out all the coolant into one of two transparent containers. This defies the laws of physics, since there was no access to the lowest point in the cooling system.

With the number of cars I have to maintain, I want one of those machines! Where can I get one? I did a search for coolant evacuator and came up with devices for about $80 to $100, most of which seem to be hand operated with something that looks like a bicycle pump on the side, but some of them are air operated. Do any of you have any experience with the air operated unit, and does it really work just like the professional version?

I am only interested in using this to drain coolant, and not motor oil.
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