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Originally Posted by wabenze View Post
1. Is the above situation normal?
2. Where and how do I look for the air leak? All the O-rings have been replaced (new).
3. I cannot locate the restricter which is supposed to be located in the return line near the fuel filter housing.

Note - the car has not been driven on less than 1/2 tank of diesel since these issues have been identified.
1. No.

2. Did you replace the big O-ring at the prefilter? For whatever reasons, MB doesn't seem to sell the filter and O-ring together. My MB place has filter, prefilter but no O-ring in stock. Could someone have re-used the O-ring?

3. Why are you looking for a restrictor? What is it supposed to do? Not sure what you are talking about.

Doesn't matter. IIRC, these are gravity fed so you can run it till empty and then it will quit.
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