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1990 300te

There is an lady trying to sell her 1990 300TE. The price is low (below trade in value) as she cannot sell the thing for about a year now. I gave her a call today and here are the specifics:

1. The car has 190 kmi on it.

2. The head gasket was blown last summer and the local MB dealer put in a new head gasket, re-did the rings, and installed a new starter for a total of $2250. In essence, she has been trying to sell the car since that big job.

3. According to her, the paint is good, no rust, and almost everything works (the antenna does not work).

I am considering to take a look at this so I can use it as a "truck" for local drives and hauling stuffs. I was looking for a 123 diesel sedan or wagon but this one is in the same price range.

I asked the lady if the wagon is a 4-matic and she did not know. I asked her to take a look from the rear of the car and she said there is no 4-matic there. She said there was not even 300TE in the back. So I assume this is not a 4-matic.

From what I understood, this wagon comes with the self-reveling rear suspension. Is there anyway to check for the condition of this special suspension?


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