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Alright! my 79 TD is driving! What to do next?

after I put in the GP's I wanted to bleed the fuel real well, so I did not cycle the GP's in, I just started cranking, and pow, the thing just started right up! it was of course a little rough at first, but it smoothed out, and ideled well.

I took it out on the road tonight, all lights worked well, the belts squeeked quite a bit, but it ran and drove. it pulled REAL hard, way harder than I expected for a non turbo diesel. The rear gearing must be quite low. However, the tranny was not as smooth as I had hoped. It pulled in first quite a long time, I didn't think it would shift into 2nd, but then it did. Quite hard though. I will dump the fluid and change the filter. I will also put mobil 1 atf back in. hopefully that will solve the shifting. If not, I guess I will be posting tranny tune up questions.

What do you think I should tackle on this sucker next? the belts and tires will be tackled as soon as I get confident on the ability of the vehicle to drive and start unquestionably. but the brake and pwrsteering fluids are very dark, the A/C compressor is frozen solid, and the rust in the lower parts of the fenders will need attention. the rear fenderwells are both rusted through in the corners, so I will need to fix that too to keep road gunk from getting all over my spare and jack.
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