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Ran out of Diesel,pumped etc, engine locked up now??

First I ran out of Diesel, used hand pump . still would not start..let air out of injectors , still would not start. then sounded like battery went down from triing to startso jumped battery. not battery, then told its my starter, had starter taken off and tested .. not the starter. this is a 300D 1978 mercedes. when i try to start the car it is just a clicking noise i get....and the engine has now locked,not turn over...this happened just from running out of diesel.. is there some trick here i need to know about.. why would my engine lock up? this is a strong running car and everything was great until diesel empty....all was going well until the clicking sound from triing to get it to turn over, would the engine locking up be from vaccum, compression, fuel, oil etc.... any advice would be appreciated, can't afford the ol'diesel mechanic right now with work slowing down these days:-) Thanks,Gina
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