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If the battery is a smaller one, there may also be a clamp at one side bolted to the tray.

Don't forget to remove the negative cable first.

When you do get the battery out, look at the battery tray. If it's got some surface rust, take it out and clean it. There are two bolts on the firewall, one on the left front corner and one that's on a bracket on the front right corner. Once out, look for any debris under the tray because leaves and other junk can collect there. A good shop vac will take care of that stuff. I took a battery tray out of a 380SEL in a junkyard and there was a huge amount of junk under it.

If the tray is rusted really badly, lots of holes, consider replacing it. Junkyards are good.

Use baking soda and water to clean the tray, and the area under the tray, of battery acid. Then prime the tray with Rustoleum, or a similar paint, then spray paint it black.

Use a terminal cleaner to clean the clamps.

Use the shop vac to clean out any other junk between the firewalls. Check your heater hoses in the inter-firewall area too.


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