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Questions about brakes pad and replacement

Today I went to get my front pads replaced on my 1990 190E with about 86k miles on it, but left the shop with four new rotors and four new pads. The cost was $477 for everything. I'm always wary about being fleeced, so to ease my mind, I need to ask some questions. It's not the shop, just me.

1. Is the price about right for pads (and 2 sensors) and rotor replacement? These are all original or German parts.

2. The mechanic showed me the old rotors and pointed out the ridge on the outer part of the rotors, which were made by the pads wearing the inner (contact) area down. Is that a sure indication that my rotors needed to be replaced?

2. Is brake fluid corrosive? The reason I'm asking is because when the mechanic topped my brake fluid, he didn't do a clean job. Some brake fluid were splashed on the resevoir, the little black sensor(?) on top of it, and on some of the surrounding metal and rubber hoses around and under the resevoir. Is this something to be concerned about?

3. It looks like the brake fluid was topped slightly higher than the MAX indicator level. There is some (air) space right at the top (i.e., you can see where the fluid level is). Should I be concerned about having my fluid level above the MAX mark?

Overall, I'm pretty happy about seeing some shiny metallic rotors on all four wheels; they look much nicer than the rusty ones. In addition, I feel more confident driving my car. I'm just a little concerned about being ripped off (either by price or having a needless job done) and the brake fluid. Thanks. I can enjoy my car now.
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