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MB Doc - diagnostic champ!

In July I asked some general questions about the trans in my newly acquired C230. MB Doc replied: The Trans SHOULDN'T make any "clunk" when slowing down!! Can be signs of early valve body / computer mis-communication.

You are still batting 1000! The dealer ran their checks, and found a 'faulty trans controller unit and valve body', which are being replaced under warranty.

This site and the experts who contribute have saved me large sums of money in the last few years. the accuracy of the information was validated by the reactions at the dealership when I handed them my list, which included:

#2) AC sometimes only blows warm or tepid air, even after the car has been driven a while (25 miles).
The #6 AC display sometimes shows '147' even on a turned off, cold engine. (Evaporator sensor?)
#6 display ranges from 50 - 202 most of time.

#3) Transmission 'clunks' loudly when coming to a stop, jerking the car as if it downshifted to first while braking to a stop - is this normal? Valve body/computer mis-communication?

Both of these issues were items that were threads on this that gave me valuable insight into the workings of my wife's car. On each of these issues, the expertise of this forum rocks. The dealership confirmed AC evaporator sensor required replacement, and equally confirmed MB Docs long distance diagnosis of trans controller unit/valve body.

Some hesitation and funny looks occured when I presented the graph of the "#6 AC display data oscillations. They asked what #6 meant. I explained that I was talking about #6 on the 'hidden' data display on the AC (documented by Stevebfl and expanded upon by David C Klasse on previous threads), the service writer looked at me and asked if I were a Tech! (the nucleus of a lynch mob starts to form as 2 other service writers gravitate closer). I explained I had learned about it on the internet (pained looks all around - 'another one of those' was unspoken.) I said Mercedesshop dotcom, and one of the service writers said 'hey, I've been there - neat site!')

Thanks again for all the help from the people who run this forum, and all the gifted Techs and talented DIY people who help the rest of us limp through repairs!

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