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It's in Vancouver, Washington, just north of Portland Oregon. I'd mention the name of the shop, but I'll refrain for now until I get to the bottom of the problem.

They were registered with the Better Business Bureau and seem to have a lot of clientele, so they seemed "OK". It is an indepent shop, which I admit saved a few hundred dollars over the local dealer quote. But boy I wish I had ante'd up now.

Some examples of the poor work they've done:

1) Forgot to put the gas cap back on after the initial repair, resulting in gas in the overflow tube going all over (including my garage floor).
2) Didn't tighten the air cleaner wing nut at all, was almost ready to fall off.
3) Did something (still not clear on what) incorrectly with how they put back together a sprocket of some kind (so they say), which resulted in timing problem and resultant bent valves.
4) Broke a head bolt on the attempt to warranty repair, which they say they've replaced (reason for part of the delay).
5) Promised the vehicle to be ready 4 times, only to not call back to inform it really wouldn't be ready.
6) Resisted giving details of what the problem was and what they did to fix it. Said their "computer was down". (However, I did get a summary this morning, finally).
7) And of course, they can't get the idle right and act like they really don't want to fix it.

And yes, a living nightmare it is. They end up causing the damage I was trying to avoid by maintenancing the chain and guides.

That is why I'm worried about the rough idle. Could it be related to the valve job (said only needed "sent out" for one side only) or the over-torque?

Admittedly, I don't trust them....
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