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Good Luck. I think there is some merit to what was posted on your other thread about not being able to use jumper cables on the diesel cars. They really do use a lot of juice! Either charge the battery overnight with a charger or keep the jumper cables hooked up for 15 minutes before you try to turn over the diesel.

Also, in case your hand fuel pump is defective, you can use the same search string on EBay in the automotive parts section to find a replacement pump. The design of the replacement model is superior to original equipment, so I have heard.

I've been careful not to run my car out of fuel to avoid what you're going through now. Although the hand fuel pump does have to be used when the fuel filter(s) are changed to reprime the system. (I'm avoiding changing the filters for awhile too!) I get really chicken when the fuel gauge gets down to "R". I have tried to stand the stress long enough for the "low fuel" indicator light to come on - but I just can't take it. (I assume your car has the low fuel indicator light like my '82 300D.) So when I fill up after being worried the tank is going to run out, it always turns out that there was at least three gallons of fuel left.
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