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Frustration mounts...

Thanks to all of you, especially whunter, who have responded to me. Whunter found MANY more threads than I came across on my own. I guess he knows how to use the search function much better than I do.

To the point. Despite reading, over the last three days, EVERY one of the posts on this problem that I can find, I have not been able to remove the tumbler assembly. Some of the posts are contradictory, but that is attributable to different years and models. I have printed out the ones that I felt were most applicable. I have a ream of paper beside me in the car as I refer to different threads to try and solve the problem.

I am talking about a 1981 300 SD. 126 body style. My ignition has only one hole in which to stick a wire.

Some posts have said to put the key at the second postion. I feel this must be wrong, as the wire can barely be inserted at that spot.

Most posts have suggested having the key at the first postion. When I do this I am able to insert the wire about 1", not the 3" that some of the posts call for. I'm not sure if this is the right postion, as even a few degrees left or right of the first postion still allows the wire to be inserted. In fact, I can have the wire inserted about 1" and still turn the key a couple of degrees in either direction.

Some posts call for using the wire to apply pressure while pulling straight out on the key. Some call for the black collar to be unscrewed CCW while applying pressure with the wire. I'm not sure which task it is I should really be struggling to accomplish, so I have tried both, to no avail.

I have used different thicknesses of wire (all with bevels on to end) and I have toiled with them over several hours to the point that I have a blister on my thumb from exerting pressure on the wire.

Perhaps I am being over cautious in even undertaking this task, as the key has only bound up on me once and I was able to turn it again after a little jiggling and persistance. Since then I have only had to use the key a few times to start the car. I currently have the car parked with the key in the first postion, as I figured that if I put this repair off it will be a lot harder and costly at a much more inconveinent time.
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