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92' 300TE 4matic - rear end shudder

The subject is a 92' 300TE 4matic with 109kmi. The symptom is a shudder from the rear coming off a stop that varies in intensity with steering angle (anything +/- 5 degrees of a straight steering wheel). With wheels cut to pin, it'll shake your fillings out. The symptom is present at low speed (15mph or less) in 4M function or test mode, but actually worse in test mode. Dealer replaced the TC under warranty a few months ago anyway, with no effect. (I'm fairly sure 4M is disengaging in test mode - dash warning light is on and the TC clutch thump when coming off a dead stop is absent.) The /!\ active light in the speedo does not come on during the shudder, but does during ignition, so I know the bulb is good.

The only constant seems to be steering angle. The shudder does not occur at any time with steering straight. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Coco
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