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in the meantime...

I have the same problem with my 300SD - a 126 - but however un-wisely, I have chosen to ignore it for the time being.

Now, I'm no mechanic, but I got the tumbler out. Take the black plastic cover off. Turn the key to number 2 and slide your paper clip in the hole. Turn the black collar ccw. If the collar is coming out but the tumbler isn't, you don't have the paper clip on the right spot. Keep messing with it. That was seriously the worst part. when the paper clip is right, the collar and tumbler should come out together. And there you go.

In the meantime, you can do what I do if you don't want to use a screwdriver or buy a new tumbler (at best) or a new ignition lock (at worst). Before you turn your car off, just turn your wheel at least 60 degrees to the right or left, then turn it off and take your key out. If the steering wheel is turned, it won't automatically lock. I know the mechs will advise against this, but if you're willing to use a screwdriver, this is at least a nicer looking temporary solution.
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