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Angry please tell me if this is BS! MAD MAD MAD!

As some of you know, I got an all-around brake pad and rotor job the other day. Well, this morning I went to clean off some of the brake fluid that was splattered near and around the resevoir. And much to my horror, right above the brake resevoir and the driver strut brace, I see a huge (about 11 inches) oily stain on my 2-year-old hood pad. I'm sure it is brake fluid and was created by the mechanic. Needless to say, I called the shop right away. Here is their explanation:

The stain was caused by rebuilding pressure on the cylinder (or piston?) and there is a hole on the resevoir lid that releases excess fluid. He said it's normal and there is nothing they can do about it. But the hole is so tiny that I doubt it created such a huge stain! I'm mad! Hearing that I wasn't satisfied with the BS, the owner comes to the phone and suggest that I probably had too much fluid in the resevoir to begin with, hence the spurting out of fluid through the hole. If not that, the stain was there before the brake job. I know my car! I always give a pre and post-inspection when it needs to be serviced.

My biggest fear is that they pressurized the brakes with my hood down and the resevoir lid unscrewed. Any chances of contamination? Or could it be true about the little hole? They did top off the resevoir. Did my driving on the freeway caused small amounts of fluid to seep into the hood pad little by little? ARGH! I'm so upset right now! And to top it off, after reading the responses, I realized the mechanic didn't even measure the wear on the rotors! I would have changed the front parts, but the rear? I wonder now! I only went along with his advice because there was a saftey concern, and I felt I had no choice but to change everything.

Well, anyhow, the guy said I shouldn't be concerned about the fluid; it's not going to harm anything. Please say he's right! The owner also said they would change my hood pad, thus admitting some fault. But I don't want a new pad. I got one one two years ago, and I know how they change pads--I don't want my car to go through the torturous scraping again! I don't like blaming others, but I'm quite sure this mess was done at that shop, and I would like some compensation for their messy job and causing so much emotional distress.

Lastly, I want to comment about the DIY jobs. I would really like to do many things myself, but I lack the tools, facility, know-how, and the confidence to do them. I'm at the mercy of mechanics. I believe there are many good and honest ones (like the ones here), but there seems to be too many who take advantage of people's concerns and perhaps ignorance or naivete. BTW, this place was a M-B, BMW, Volvo shop. Thanks for reading this. I'm exhausted, but feel much better.
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