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Angry It has beaten me

I have the desire to fix this correctly, even though it has not become a true problem yet. My reasoning was that I would rather nip a potential problem in the bud, rather than have it turn into something more troublesome and more costly down the road.

After three days of exhaustive reading and a few hours of fruitless labor last night, I have spent the better part of today fiddling with various paper clips, wire of every imaginable guage, and allen wrenches. I have ground the ends down at an angle as instructed. I have wiggled the wire, attempted to use force, wiggled the key while inserting the wire and anything else I could think of, or has been suggested to me, to remove the cylinder. All I have succeeded in doing is scratching the black collar all to the devil with the angled needle nose pliers I purchased for this project and getting blisters on my two thumbs.

I cannot get anything to give way. Right now, I am not a fan of German engineering. As I said earlier, the lock has only stuck on one occassion, but I wanted to take care of this now, an ounce of prevention... It has beaten me. I will go back to driving the car and when the day comes that it locks up I will then decide if I have renewed motivation to overcome the then bigger problem. Maybe my frustration and disappointment will be at the same point it is today and I will just opt to torch the car where it is. Just kidding...maybe.
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