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W140 Problems 95 S500 Coupe

I'm new to this forum and I encountered 3 major problems with my car so far. And I need Help!!If you guys have any suggestions that will be great!
95 s500 coupe 116000 miles
1-My car has been in limp mode off and on for a while but now I'm completely stuck with it. The last time it came on was I was at a stop light, my foot on the brake and the car wanted to go by itself. Finally ASR kicked in but it scared the ?!?!? out of me. It used to come on with cruise control being unstable. I'm assuming it's the ETA but could it be MAF also?

2-My aux fans come on as soon as I turn the ignition on. They checked the coolant switch, the AC pressure switch they were ok. The last thing came to mind was climate control unit. It looks like when the ambient temperature gage is above 68f, aux fans are always on, when it's below they are off regardless of what happens. Any ideas?

3-the two door locks are not working but everything else does. And lately the fuel door started acting weird. I checked the vacuum comp under the seat there is no leaks inside. What should I do.
I love this car but sometimes it gets on my nerves.
Thank you.
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