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Fuel Leak on '91 W126/560SEL

I have quite a puzzling fuel leak in my '91 560SEL and was hoping to get some input from the group.

Very occasionally (and I am pretty sure only on hot days) the car drips fuel from the the rear bottom corner of the driver side wheel well. There are a couple of hoses there which I don't think are fuel related but the fuel seems to be dripping from around them. This happens mostly when the car is parked and not running! (Sometimes there is a small puddle of fuel on the ground come back to the parked car). I have not seen this happen when the car is running but have occasionally I have smelt fuel inside the car so cant be fully sure.

I did get the car checked out by a dealer for fuel leaks and about the smell of fuel and they found nothing! Before I take it to some other shop I was hoping for some feedback. Any thoughts on what could be going on? Thx.

Rgds, Raj
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