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warning module and '75 450SL

I've searched through this forum and the owners manual, cannot find a specific reference to this:

On a 1975 450SL, is there supposed to be a warning buzzer that warns you when you leave the lights on? I drained the battery this morning when I did this and had to jumpstart the car.

I do get a warning buzzer if I leave the keys in the ignition and I open the driver's door so I know the warning module is working.

Also noticed that there's supposed to be a lightbult in the the headlight switch( the bulb is missing) which looks like it would illuminate the green dot on the headlight switch cover. Anyone know what type of lightbult I need to ask for at the local autoparts store or is this a MB only kind of lightbulb? I figure if this light is lit while the lights are on, it might actually clue me in that I left the lights on again! Senility, what a concept. : )


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