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Yes, I believe this car has this feature. It should work when the key is off, the lights are either in park or headlight on position, and the drivers door (only) is opened. Do the dome lights come on with the drivers door opened? If not, it may be the drivers door jamb switch is not working and not allowing the dome lights or buzzer to work properly. if the dome lights do work, it may still be the switch, wiring, or just a bad buzzer unit, the buzzer unit itself has circuitry inside it which can fail, but the door jamb switch, due to the moving parts, would be more suspect, also wiring on an older car like this.
The small dot in the middle of the switch is to indicate the foglights are on. start the car, turn on the headlights OR parking lights and then pull out on the knob, that turns on the fogs. I don't believe this car has rear fogs,. I if it did, the knob would pull out to 2 different detents, the first detent is front fogs, the second detent turns on also the rear fog. If the car was designed for rear fogs, it may not be wired for it in a US spec car, but the second detent may be in the switch (same switch for most versions).
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