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Happy Ending

This is a long post, but it explains the outcome and my errors, as well as names an indy that came to my rescue.

When leaving work this morning, the key stuck on me and would not turn. I had to make a stop on the way home and it stuck again, just a little. At this point I am paranoid about turning the car off and removing the key.

I went to a local indy and asked how much he would charge to remove the cylinder for me. The shop owner came out and looked at the car, which was still running. He claimed that it's a 2 hour job and that without the new assembly in hand ready to install, I will not be able to move the car until the new parts are in. He told me to figure $500 and he could have the part here in about 3 weeks.

I tried to explain to him everything that you all have been kind enough to share with me, but he told me it was all wrong. So off I went to another indy shop just down the road.

This gentleman told me he charges one hour, as he needs to take the knee panel off to remove the plastic trim piece around the key cylinder. He claims that without accessing it from the back that the retention tabs will brake off. I informed him that they must have been broken by a previous owner, as I had followed advice from here and was told to pry the piece off with a screw driver. When I had done this days ago I had found someone had glued the piece back into place. I guess someone had removed it incorrectly in the past and broke the tabs, just as the indy said would happen.

He had me remove the trim, which I pried off. He chuckled seeing the glue I had used to reattach the piece.

He then showed me how to remove the cylinder. He did it in a matter of seconds, he took the time to show and explain things to me, and only charged me $20. I paid him double. He was fantastic to stop working on the Porsch he had on the lift and to take the time to attend to my problem and courteous enough to educate me. The shop is K&B Foreign Car Service in Vero Beach, FL. I went back to the first shop with my key cylinder in hand and let him know what I thought of him.

Once he had the cylinder out my errors were obvious. I had been attempting to insert the wire with the key turned to the first dimple in the black collar. I made this mistake because of some posts calling postion "0" position "I" and position "I" position "II". My misunderstanding, despite the pics on Diesel Giant showing the correct position, was furthered do the fact that at position "I" I was able to insert the wire about an inch. The wire was going into a space on the cylinder between the portion that turns and the outer shell of the cylinder itself. This explains the post I made earlier about being able to turn the key a couple of degress in either direction even with the wire inserted.

I had made attempts to insert the wire at the correct postion, but could never get it to go in more than 1/8". Once the cylinder was removed I saw that this was due to needing to angle the wire up ever so slightly to get it to go into the hole.

Now I know. The education was not too expensive, although I did pull most of my hair out and blistered my thumbs.

I will be ordering the new cylinder in the next couple of days, as I have to show up at the dealer, over an hour away, in person with my paperwork to do so. Not conveinent.
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