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Improper winshield install?

Just had a cracked windshield in our '91 190E 2.3 replaced at an independent glass shop. It worried me somewhat that the shop told us 'it is taking a lot longer than we thought it would' when we called to check if it was ready, since they had claimed to know Benzes. Of more concern is that when we picked it up, the trim piece running along the bottom outside of the windshield - with a thin, rubber sealing edge - was lifted off the windshield by quite a bit in several places. They re-tackled the trim installation, and it now seems to be fairly evenly in contact with the glass.

My question is, does this piece in any way seal against water leaking in, or in any way should I be concerned about this incident? I am not supposed to get it wet for another 24 hours.


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