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Where can I get a fuel pressure guage for my WVO?

I've got an '87 300D with a Greasecar kit, and I'd like to get a fuel pressure guage to monitor the clogging of my WVO filter. I've been surfing the web, and not really found what I think I should be looking for. As far as I know, my fuel pressure before the lift pump is fairly low, correct? Like 5-10 psi or something like that? The few guages I've seen were 0-60 psi, which is too big a range for my application. The guages I found that were 0-15 range were designed to be mounted outside the car. I need to see my fuel pressure while driving, so I can monitor what's happening. Anyone know where I can get a guage for this purpose. Also, are there fuel pressure guages that have electrical senders, so all I have to route to my car's cabin is an electicwire coming from a sender unit that would be mounted in the fuel line? I'd rather not have to run any tubing into the cabin.

Thanks, as always - this forum ROCKS!
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