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81 240D Auto No Reverse ??

Well I am working on one of my wife's friends 81 240D doing some maintenance and fixing ALOT of things that go out on these cars.

Battery tray replacement and Fix the hole in the firewall from the leaking battery acid.

Installing some new window regulators in the front doors to replace the clothes-pins she was using to hold up the windows.

Installing a new exhaust manifold gasket to stop an exhaust leak.

Fixing the vacuum system so the engine will cut off when she turns the key.

I know how to do all of these things because I have gone through this before with my 240D and 300TD's.

The big question is about her transmission. It shifts fine in all the forward gears but it has no reverse. Just sits there and won't go anywhere.

Since I have never had to deal with a malfunctioning Auto in these cars does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem might be.


75 300D
81 240D
83 300TD
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