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Hot Brakes

Friday of last week, i was on my way home from work in my 190e 2.3, when i started to notice that the car was accelerating hard. I pulled over and checked and let it set for a minute (because it has happened before and that works)

Then i started again, and it was still driving hard, since i wasn't far from home, i went on home.

when i got there i took a glance at my brake and i could see my rotor (at 11PM) they were a bright red, and need less to say the wheels were hot to the touch.

my dad looked at it the next morning and the brakes weren't locked up, i could push the car, also, i looked at the rear brakes and noticed that the rear rotors were rusted as if they hadn't been working.

i have since replaced the master cylinder the rotors (but i didn't put new sensors on, since they were broke off) on the front and the front brake pads, the tires seemed to turn freely, rubbing a little but that is normal with disc brake, right?

I took the car out for a little drive pulling over and testing it to see is the brakes were getting hot, after about four miles, i pulled over again and the wheels were starting to get slightly warm expecially around the plastic center cap.

so i headed on home, and took the right front tire off, and it was warm, but not glowing warm. The brakes were also making a smell.

i was wondering if:
1. the sensor wires are affecting this
2. is the new pads and rotors are getting warm as part of the breaking in process.
3. how hot are the rotors supposed to get.
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