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This car should have the spring-loaded tensioner.

You are going to need a 15mm socket and ratchet.

1. Remove the fan shroud by pulling out the safety clip on top next to the "OPEN" "CLOSE" marks and rotate it in the "OPEN" direction. Remove to metal clips that hold shroud to the radiator. Pull out the part that was attached to radiator. Then pull out circular part of shroud.

2. Locate the tensioner (under the water pump). It is a small pulley with a 15mm nut in the center. Put the ratchet on it as if you were going to tighten the nut (clockwise). Turn it clockwise until it is loose enough to remove belt. It is easier to remove somewhere on top water pump or steering pump. Same goes for installation, put the belt on all of the pulleys except for the water and steering pump. Put resistance on tensioner and place belt on the two pumps.

When putting the shroud make sure it hooks up on every clip (circular part). You might want to remove bottom panel of engine to make sure that the two shroud pieces are hooked up correctly.

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