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Re: 1986 Road and Track...

Originally posted by J.HIDALGO
CONTROVERSIAL STYLING? I would say ahead of its time!
What do you guys think?
If the W124 styling was considered controversial, then what more of the W201, which came before the W124?

when the W201 was compared with the Honda Accord of that time in one of those test articles, the adjective used to describe the W201 styling was "bold".

the W201 introduced the pinched-up tail design which the W124 continued. It borrowed styling cues from the C111 experimental vehicle, evident from the horizontal "streamline" character lines, which give the car an "extruded" look, and the high tail.

around 1983 when the W201 was introduced, there was also a new BMW 3-series. Put side-by-side, the Bimmer looked more handsome and mainstream, and the W201 looked weird, especially when viewed from the rear. Now, you put both model year cars side by side, and the Bimmer positively looks very old. The Benz's styling is simply timeless.

the W124 has softer lines than a W201, but it introduced that low lift-over trunklid, with the aggressive (angry?)-looking taillamps. Maybe that was the "controversial" part.

I find the 1994-1995 W124s one of the more beautiful sedans around.
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