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The only trouble I've had with my new car has been a shock on the right rear that began rattling. I'm lucky enough that my tech at the dealer where I bought the car is a friend of 25 years and a very thorough mechanic.

I went to Switzerland for a week in April and left the car at the dealer. This dealer is very near the airport. John, my friend, met me there on a Saturday and drove me to the airport, on the way we drove down his favorite rough road that he uses to test for such problems. He said he was pretty sure it was a shock. He then took me to the airport.

When I returned to Dallas, I called the dealer and they sent a courtesy car to the airport for me. I got there and visited with John for a few minutes. He had done an A service on the car at the same time and he told me everything he did including the right rear shock, balance and rotated the tires, changed oil and filter using Mobil One, and a bunch of other things I don't remember. They also SCRUBBED the car inside and out, it was as thorough as any detailing you ever paid for. The car was absolutely filthy when I left it. The bill for all this was: $0.00.

Parking at DFW airport costs $12.00 per day, so this saved me(at least the company) about $84.00.

When I bought my 210 car in '96, it was from a different dealer and I went through total H&++ with that dealer. They are very close to my office and they have a very good parts guy there who I have known and bought parts from for about 15 years. Except for an occasional parts sale, they don't get any of my money any more.

Also, the price of the 124 cars in the late eighties was expensive in the US because the DMark was at about DM1.30 to the dollar. I have the window sticker for my '88 300E, and the price was well over $40,000. Yes, these cars were EXPENSIVE by anyones measurement, then or now.

Sorry for the rambling.


I wonder which BMW salesmen dreamed up that urban legend?

Have a great day,
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