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Best/easiest way to do the 103 valve stems seals is to use compressed air to hold the valves up, but there is a fairly specialized tool normally used to compress the springs. I imagine a little ingenuity would go a long ways to getting this done, any thing you could come up with to compress the springs with the head on. Might need a failry large tank compressor, although once the cylinder is pressurized it shouldn't take too much to keep it under pressure. There are ways to get around this that I'd heard of too, such as feeding rope into the cylinder with the piston down, the bringing the piston up until it won't turn any more, then removing the springs. Amything to keep from letting the valve drop into the chamber.
You are OK to drive it this way.
If your coolant leak is on the left (drivers) side rear, it may be an o-ring, the part that the heater hose attaches to has an o-ring around it and these often get brittle and crack and cause a coolant leak. Sometimes the leak follows the angle to the right and will drip off the right side of the rear of the block. Be sure of where the leak is from. Should take less time than Raymonds diesel.
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