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problem solved!

re the enabling of a warning buzzer when one leaves the car headlights on after turning off ignition.

found a link on the Net which describe a similar problem and a solution for the Mazda Miata...figured the principle would be the same for my Mercedes.

Following procedure will cause a warning tone to sound when you leave your headlights on with the ignition turned off on a 1975 sure it'd work for other years/models but have only successfully done it on this particular one.

1. Go to Radio Shack and get pn#: 273-059 (less than $3). Its called a 12VDC Piezo Buzzer.

2. Remove cover from your fuse box (on my car, located in right side of passenger footwell), and locate fuses #5 and #16.

#5 description: windshield wiper, windshield washer pump, horn, pass signal light, cigar light.
#16 description: standing left light, parking left light, tail light left.

3. Hook the red wire from the buzzer to the fuse holder on fuse #16 by removing fuse, connecting the wire to the hole that holds the fuse in place, replacing the fuse to hold the wire in place.

4. Hook the black wire from the buzzer to the fuse holder on fuse #5, same as above step..

note: I extended both wires that came with the buzzer as they were kinda short.

5. Fold the wires and buzzer into the fuse compartment and replace the cover.

That's it! Now if I leave the headlights/parking lights on with the ignition in the off position, the buzzer tone sounds loudly enough to get my attention and remind me to turn off my lights! If the ignition is turned on, the buzzer does not sound when I have the lights on.

Hope this helps other people who tend to leave their lights on for whatever reason.

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