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On Eisenmann Exhausts and Others

Looking to you guys to sort my problem out, please!

1. I've heard that the AvantGarde grille from Bekkers is not good may only be so-so, someone on another forum said.
If Bekkers is not good enough, where do I go? What's a reliable place to go for it, and how much does installation cost?

2. About the clear blinkers, people mentioned that aftermarket kits may not be very good, and that Bosch is best. Where do I go for Bosch clears, and how much would installation cost?

3. About the Eisenmann exhaust, people seem very happy with it - Bekkers would ship the authentic version I'm sure - but how much am I looking as far as installation goes and how good is the exhaust itself in the opinion of the people here?

Thanks again for your help - I appreciate it very much!
2002 SLK 32 /////AMG
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