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W124 300 Touring Diesel Problem.

I'm new to this website forum and hope i can get some friendly advice.

I have a 1990 W124 300 six cylinder diesel estate (UK term for stationwagon?).
Anyway, since filling with biodiesel several compression leaks have started from near to the injector bodies.The leaks (sounds like a chuffing noise) are from the same place.
There appear to be small holes in the head just next to the steel inserts that take the plastic heat shrouds, and the leaks appear to be coming from there.
The engine is running badly with plenty of smoke from the exhaust.
I also noticed that the coolant temp went higher than normal and i get a lot of clatter on tick over.
My thoughts on this are that the biodiesel is causing pre-ignition. The mixture is igniting in the pre-chamber for some reason.

Any help greatly appreciated.

England, UK
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