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95 C220 Stalling On Occasion

I have a dilemna here. I have a 95 C220 with 60,000 miles. My wife usually drives the car and had told me the car will die will she is driving. I did notice the engine light on and took it to my mechanic. When he put the computer
on the car he found it to be one of the two oxygen sensors to be bad. I had
him go ahead and replace both sensors. The car seemed to run fine for about a week since it was repaired until yesterday. When I took it for a
ride the car stalled on me when I was driving down the street about 30
mph. All the instrument dash lights turned on. It took about 4 or 5 trys to start the car and I was worried it wouldn't start. My wife is now frightened
to drive the car with the kids. I don't blame her because it can be a
dangerous situation on a freeway or RR crossing. It probably would be hard
to pinpoint the problem because the car runs fine. I just tuned the car
at 40,000 miles. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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