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Oxygen Sensor - am I being ripped off?


My car failed emissions (high CO), also has a cold running problem (runs rough/hesitates/stalls when cold). Took it to the dealer, the guy charged me 1.5 hrs of diagnostics, then says that the O2 sensor is not responding, needs to be changed, and only then he can do further testing. Quoted $170 for the sensor, $15 for the lambda tower (does it always have to be replaced with the sensor) plus 1.5 hours of labor (@ $72 per hour, it comes to nearly $300 just for replacing the O2 sensor!!).

Am I being ripped off by the dealer on the O2 sensor? I thought it was a $50 part, and takes 15 minutes to change.

Would really appreciate any responses / past experiences (Steve, MB DOC, what is the MB flat rate for this?)

Thanks a ton,

190E 2.3 (85, 121K)
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