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Some recommendations:

MBUSA is there primarily for warranty related issues on newer vehicles. After a car is out of warranty repairs made by a MB dealer are usually are warranted by MBUSA. I donít think they stand behind anyone for so-called consequential or incidental, or coincidental issues.

Not knowing the nature of the repairs obligates a guess as to what has taken place. Rather than doing that hereís some general guidelines:

First, go to the service manager of the dealership, then to the general manager. Perhaps arrange a meeting with both of them. Note that these folks are both handlers. Meaning that they might try to dismiss you without resolving your problems. MBís reps often do the same thing. It is not a bad idea to take a lawyer with you, but in that event, they might decline the meeting.Ö

In any event, write down everything you know, and request of them, and make a copy for them when you meet. Keep to the list. Donít get angry. Donít threaten. Just keep on point with every comment.

Make it up front that if you donít get satisfaction that youíll pursue settlement by formal means.

If there were physical damages, take it up with your insurance company. The insurance company will go after the dealership.

If there were workmanship related issues, take it up with as many consumer protection agencies (attorney general, BBB, local newspapers, local TV and radio media, and so forth)

If you paid with a credit card, notify your credit card company immediately. They will withhold payment until the issues are resolved, or, provided you prove your case, they may even deny payment. Often credit cards have satisfaction guarantees offered for the card userís benefit, and the sellers ire.

Most bigger businesses have no fear of lawyers. But they do generally fear bad press.

Best of luck!


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